Protecting Your Unit's Windows

For the foreseeable future, the Association is not considering installing shutters for unit owners due to legal and long-term maintenance considerations. Still, you should want to protect your units. You have two options: hurricane shutters or impact windows. Although they typically are more expensive, hurricane windows have some significant advantages. Here is an article from the November, 2012 Observer when we were still considering having the Association install shutters across the entire building.

Why Hurricane Windows Still Make Sense
(from November, 2012 Observer)

    Some owners seem to be putting off decisions to install hurricane windows because the Association is considering having shutters put on our windows across the whole building. Building-wide shutters make sense because the shutters are much more affordable. But … there are several good reasons for owners to individually still consider hurricane windows now:
1.    They significantly decrease the noise, wind and rain coming in from outside much better than our original windows.
2.    Unlike shutters, they are always ready for a storm.
3.    They are less likely to implode than regular windows in case of the extreme pressure differences that can come with tornados.
4.    Many of our 30+ year old windows need replacing anyway. Wouldn’t it be nice to have solid, smooth moving windows again?
5.    Now that hurricane season is almost over, you could probably get a better price than at any other time.

    Of course, the combination of hurricane windows and shutters is the safest situation. So, many of owners with hurricane windows are looking forward to having the building get shutters.