Welcome to Our Community (last updated November 25, 2015)
The Summit Towers Welcoming Committee
We have assembled a significant amount of information about living at the Summit on our website, MySummit.org.  This information is constantly being updated by volunteers with many years of experience of living at the Summit, but no particular related legal or professional credentials. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns about any of the information, please check with our business office. You can reach us at Summit.Observer@gmail.com or with the Observer mailbox.in the office.

Dear New Resident: We believe our condo has the best location, the most resources and the friendliest residents of any condo in the area. Most of our residents find the Summit a joy to live in. We hope you will too! To get the most out of the Summit you will want to take advantage of our many facilities, get out and enjoy our neighborhood, and develop great friendships in our community.
Here are ways to make sure you enjoy the Summit:

1.    Stay up-to-date on what is happening with our website (MySummit.org), our elevator postings (MiniObservers), our newsletter (Observer) and our mailroom bulletin boards.  Give your contact information to the office so you can get critical notifications by phone and email. As a new resident you will want to catch up on news about the Summit by reading recent Observers that are available on MySummit.org. Also out at MySummit.org are our FAQs (answers to Frequently Asked Questions) about everything from accounts to windows. 

2.    Get and stay active by taking full advantage of our facilities:
     For a more complete list, see the “Summit Reference Material”

3.    Recognize that we are a condo, not a private home. We have rules to allow a fair and safe sharing of facilities. Each owner pays less than 1/500 of the cost of running this place. That does not give anyone the right to make any other resident’s life difficult. If you do not like a specific rule please fill out a comment form in the office since only the Board, not our Security staff, is authorized to change the rules. (See “Condo living” on MySummit.org.)

4.    Recognize that we are a condo, not a hotel. Units can be rented, but not more than once a year. Guests, renters and owners are all held to the same rules. Owners are ultimately responsible for the behavior of anyone using their unit. (See “Renting” on MySummit.org.)  Owners are also responsible for the inside of their units including all appliances and their A/C and so most have maintenance contracts. (See "Maintenance Contracts" on MySummit.org.) To protect you and your neighbors, all renovations must be preapporved by the office to make sure any necessa insurances and permits are in place.

5.    Recognize that we are a condo, not an apartment building. We depend heavily on volunteers, including board and committee members.  Please take advantage of some of the numerous opportunities to contribute to your new community, such as the Social or Landscaping Committees. You will have fun and meet a lot of very nice people. (See "Volunteering" on MySummit.org.)