TV services at the Summit
We get bulk TV and internet from OpticalTel..   Click HERE to the 2017 price list.

TV at the Summit is provided by OpticalTel. If you have any questions or problems with your services contact OpticalTel at 855.303.4237. They also offer optional services: additional channels, high-speed internet, and telephone. Click on their name to see the options.

> Regular TV Schedule (basic TV without box) included in maintenance fee
Schedule with box ("America's Top 200 with HD") for about $10/month.  To order this or DVR service, contact OpticalTel.
> Channel lists: HD Channels, Regular Channels
> You also go to and input our zip and package

> You can get a vast array of on-demand movies and TV shows, see schedules, and control your DVR many different ways:
  1. Instruction on getting DishAnywhere on your computer
  2. Instructions on getting DishAnywhere on your smart phone or tablet
  3. Using an optional DVR (about $14/month), watch on your TV seconds after ordering movies or TV shows. There are over 90 networks of shows available! 
The DishAnywhere services require you to have a free Dish Account Number.  In order for residents to obtain this, they can contact the OpticalTel support center. Or, you can follow the directions on the Instructions on getting DishAnywhere on your computer.

Note that your DVR needs to be connected to the internet to download movies on-demand. Opticaltel can provide a device that allows your DVR to pick up your unit's wifi i if it is inconvenient to get an ethernet wire to your DVR.  Contact Opticaltel if you have any questions. The DVR we have is not the "Hopper" because Dish does not yet make the Hopper for multi-dwelling buildings. These new devices are scheduled, at the moment, for early 2014. These are wonderful devices that allow a subscriber to watch all networks shows live or on-demand anywhere on the planet they have access to the internet! (This should be very popular with snowbirds.)
Watch TV & Movies "On Demand" from March, 2013 Observer
           Major companies that provide TV services, including Comcast, Direct and Dish are all now providing much of their contents, for no extra cost, on the internet “on-demand”, whenever you want. In other words, cable and satellite companies are no longer just cable and satellite companies.
            You can now get at that on-line content many ways, including smart TVs, Rokus, iPads, smart phones, and many dozens of other related devices. Residents of the Summit are already entitled to a set of free online entertainment services that come from getting our content from Dish TV.
            To try this out, first you will want to get a free online account with Dish. (Go to They will ask for the serial number from your HD or DVR box. If you do not have such a box call OpticalTel for help in setting up an account.
            Once you have this account you can access a variety of on-demand services online for free and see TV shows and movies anytime you want. One popular service that is free to us is HBO-GO, which provides much of HBO’s new and old series and movies.
            More questions? Reach out to OpticalTel or come to our weekly Tech Help on Wednesday at 7:30pm in the south ladies card room. Also, the Telecom Committee is planning to provide another presentation on how to get the benefits of these services in April. Watch the posted MiniObservers for the schedule.