Smells  as of March 20, 2013
This article was put together by volunteers and may be incomplete, contain errors or become out-of-date. We depend on our community to help us keep these articles accurate by sending notes to Please refer questions to our business office.
One of the potential disadvantages of living in a multidwelling building is getting to share smells. Unpleasant odors effect our quality of life. Fortunately, the Summit has none of those regular odors you find in some less well maintained buildings. Still, residents may occasionally face some situations..

1. Is it coming from the hallway?
    Best solution -- Improve the weatherstripping on your doors to stop the movement of air from the hallways. This can be an effective and very cheap solution. But, this approach is useless unless you seal both your entry and A/C closet doors. It seems best to use foam weatherstripping on the hinge side of door and folding weatherstripping in the wider opening on the other sides. If properly applied this can stop most air from the hallway entering your unit even with your windows open. Proper door weatherstripping can also decrease your A/C usage.
    Partial solution -- Close all your windows. This only works, somewhat, if you have well sealed windows. Most of our building's original windows are no longer well sealed. Further, all the vents in the bathrooms and kitchen will still allow some air to vent out and so air and smell to enter from the hallway.
    If the smell lasts for a while or gives you any other reason for concern, please report it the office.
2. Is it REALLY foul and coming from a wall near a bathroom?
    Call the office and have our Maintainence staff check.
    In a 30+ old building with thousands of pipes, sometimes a pipe or joint can get a pinhole. If this happens in just the wrong place in one of the waste vent pipes, a really BAD smell can enter your unit. The good news is if your problem is one of these pipes, the Association will fix the pipe. Of course, the wall board will have to be cut to get access. Some more good new: the Association will fix the wallboard. Still, you will have to repaint the repaired wallboard since anything from the wallboard into the unit belongs to the owner.
    Sometimes the smell can drift from a leak in the wall of a nearbye unit and sometimes, especially during the summer with all the snowbirds away, it can take time to narrow down the source.  

3. Other situations
     Smoking: At the Summit smoking is not allowed in any common spaces other than the two identified smoking areas on the pool deck. If you do smoke in your unit you may help reduce the second hand smoke you send to your neighbors  by properly weatherstrip all your doors. Still the smell can get still travel between units so please be sensitive to your neighbors. Of course, any smokers who throw butts off their balcony will be fined.
    Service Animals related smells: Please report the problem to the office. All residents are responsible for damage done to common areas, including that done by contractors, guests, renters, and service animals.. To be fair, sometimes residents with sevice animals may not be able to smell some of the problems their animals cause and may need to be notified.
    Exploding eggs: It is unfortunately, not uncommon as we would like for residents to forget they left eggs boiling on the stove. After the water boils away, the resulting smoke can fill the hallway and the smell can last for days. To help prevent this please get a loud egg timer.   If it happens to you, PLEASE do not leave your hallway door open. PLEASE open all your windows to let the smoke leave your unit. Of course, if you have any concerns about a potential fire, please call 911 and contact building Security.