OpticalTel has taken over the operations of Accelerated Broadband TV and Internet services at the Summit.  (updated last July 10, 2012)
    We have a 7-year bulk TV contract that lasts until late 2013 with Accelerated Broadband.  The contract provides every unit many dozens of (analog) TV channels without the use of a control box. (See TV schedules).
    In February, 2012 OpticalTel took over the operations of this contract for Accelerated.  Since this change the feedback has been largely positive.  We have seen faster internet, less snow on analog TV channels, and more responsive service. OpticalTel believes that most of any remaining problems are associated with wiring inside our units and are asking residents to call with problems so that they can be addressed.
OpticalTel also offers additional optional TV, internet and telephone services. See their flyer and application for options and prices for these optional services.

Reach them at 855.303-4237 or at support@opticaltel.com