Maintenance Contracts

Who fixes things that go wrong in your apartment:  your A/C, appliances, plumbing, etc.?  Over 70% of the unit owners at the Summit have maintenance contracts.

Maintenance companies will come in and fix plumbing, appliances, A/C, and anything else on your maintenance contract.  If you do not have a contract, even a single repair, or appliance replacement, could easily cost you more than the annual cost of one of these contracts. It gives you one number to call.  Most major maintenance companies already have their license and insurance information at on file with our office, so you do not have to fill out any paperwork to allow them to work at the Summit.

The two most popular sources of maintenance contracts with Summit residents are Total (954.454.6801) and Service America (800.884.3500) 

Maintenance contracts are one of the four things you absolutely need to protect your unit:
For example, if you have a leak:
1. Detection of the leak is dependent on you, neighbors, or an apartment watcher. If you or your apartment watcher finds a leak, you should immediately turn off your unit's water in the A/C closet to avoid the damage and expense that comes from having the water spread further through your units and others.  Notify our staff immediately.  (Either front desk, garage security, or the office.)
2. When alerted, our building maintenance staff can help shut off your unit's water (in the A/C closet) and deal with excess water in your unit and the surrounding common space.  If you are not available, we will use the keys you have on file in the office. If the keys do not work and we absolutely need access to your unit, we will do what is necessary to get access, including getting a locksmith. Of course, if the emergency cannot wait for a locksmith, we may have to force the door. Any resulting expense for the locksmeith or damage to the door is the responsibility of the unit owner.
3. After the problem is contained, you or your apartment watcher need to fix the problem.  Most owners have contracts with maintenance companies that will come in an repair any problems.  You or your apartment watcher will have to be on-site to let them into your unit and to monitor their work.
4. Your insurance and your neighbors' insurance are responsible for cost associated with replacing or fixing any damage in your, or neighbor's, units.  If you do not carry the required insurance you could be liable for major expenses.  The Association is not responsible for fixing or paying for damage due to a problem caused by another resident.  We have observed that if you have damage from a leak from another unit, your insurance, not theirs, is responsible to be the first payer.

After leaks, the next most common problem is A/C failures.  With the high humidity levels we experience, if this problem is not detected and fixed in as little in 2 to 4 weeks you could have the beginning of an unhealthy and expensive mold problem.  Here again you will want a maintenance contract, insurance, and someone watching your unit.