Internet Options at the Summit Towers  -- as of May 14, 2014

The Summit Towers Association does not provide, or take responsibility for, any of these services.  The Association is not party to provisioning of internet for any resident.  Each resident must contact one of our internet providers themselves to set up, or deal with problems with, internet in their units.

If you have service from OpticalTel, and want wireless internet in your unit (WiFi), you will need a ROUTER. After OpticalTel has finished wiring your unit with fiber you will no longer use the cable modem, but you will still need a router if you want WiFi.. If you already have a router, you can use that one after you unit is rewired.  To see more about chosing and installing a router see the following YouTube videos: How to chose a wireless routerr?How to Set Up a Wireless Router . You will also want to set a password on your router.

Please see the Telecom article in the March/April 2014 Observer

For Your Unit:
The information included (price, speed and features) is approximate and may be adjusted by the vendors at anytime. 
Join the Telecom Committee (contact the office) to help in our review of future options for the Summit..  Articles about this issue appear in most of our recent Observer Newsletters.  Renters: Please coordinate any choices for your units with your unit's owner.

Free hotspots outside your unit: The Summit hotspots are a relatively new offering being offered on an experimental basis for occasional use of residents.  OpticalTel provides their connections for free to our community.  (Thank you.) The local modem and router equipment are being maintained by volunteer owners, not the Association. No resident should contact OpticalTel about problems with these locations.

Other close hotspots