Save (& Use) Our Herb Garden
-- Laura Naron, March, 2013 Observer p.7

We have an "open to all’ garden in a raised bed in the northwest corner of the pool deck. There are a great variety of herbs planted and the herbs get used often by our resident chefs. They know that fresh herbs can add something special to any recipe. The garden is tended by volunteers on our Landscaping Committee.

    In February, some new residents planted 8 inch arugala in our garden which they had grown from seed. The next day these plants were cut to the ground. This is a community garden! Use some, leave some. The parsley and the basil are the most popular herbs in the garden. Some of them have been both over picked and picked incorrectly

Each gets picked in a different way:

    If you know how to pick the herbs and you see someone at the garden, please show them how to pick. If you want a tour of the herb garden please ask me or anyone on the Landscaping Committee. Everyone is welcome to join the Landscaping Committee whether or not you know anything about gardening. Sign up in the office or just join us most Sundays on the pool deck at 10am.

    Sadly, someone has picked from our plants on the beach walk. Thanks to our security cameras we have pictures of this person taking home large caladiums.  

    The Landscaping Committee has planted donated, past bloom orchids in the trees by the beach gate. They are coming into bloom now, so be sure to check them out.

    We have some committed residents who help with the lobby plants. We are looking for more people to help once or twice a week. Even if you are a snow bird please sign up in the office for the north or south building.