Condo Living

 The concept of condominiums was origionally created mostly for older couples when people had rugs on the floors and one car.  Now we have tile, multiple cars, and families.  Life in a condo now be slightly noiser and more crowded.  We might want to stop all change, but that is not going to happen.  (First let's stop the tide and hurricanes)  -- Some thoughts from one of the great Susan and Bill Raphan courses.  They are both formerly of the Florida condo omnibudsman office. Course list

    In a condo we live under a set of laws, rules and procedures that are a compromise between individual and community rights, much like any government. The aim is to allow us to enjoy both our private (units) and common spaces (pools, gyms, etc.). Sometimes these rules rub us the wrong way and sometimes they may even make us a little crazy. But when that happens, please try counting to ten and try to remember that the benefits of condo living are so great for so many of us the compromise is easily worth it. 
    Remember that the management and security staff works for us and deserves our respect. It is unfair and inappropriate to argue with them.  They have been directed by your board to enforce the rules. Only the board, fellow owners that you have elected, establish our rules.
    We are all in this together. We have a common interest in making living at the Summit as wonderful as is possible.  We may already be "At The Summit" -- but we can do even better!
    All owners should take the time to read the Community Association Institute's An Introduction to Community Association Living"

Our Rules:

WHAT EVERY CONDO OWNER SHOULD KNOW -- by Mark Bogen copied from the Sun Sentinel   
from an excellent weekly column every Sunday in the Sun Sentinel
  1. Remember that board members are NOT your employees, servants or slaves.
  2. Show your appreciation for the volunteer work performed by board members.
  3. If you think things are operated so poorly -- run for the board.
  4. To owner who are happy with their association-- say Thank You!!
  5. The manager of the association takes directions from the board, not you.
  6. For those board members who are constantly looking to find violations -- get a life
  7. To a manager who is constantly looking to find violations -- you need to be replaced.
  8. If you do no like to follow rules, then do not live in an association.
  9. Rules are not meant to be broken.
  10. Before running to a lawyer -- try working it out -- it's cheaper
  11. Mediating a problem is cheaper and less stressful than litigating it. Try it.
  12. A nice violation letter goes a long way versus a letter from an attorney
  13. To the one owner who always disrupts the meeting -- give it a rest.
  14. To the owner who always thinks everyone wants to hear your opinion -- NOT!
  15. To the one owner who knows he/she is causing stress to everyone -- please move!
  16. Remember the president needs the proper authority to take action.
  17. To the president who thinks he is king -- vote him/her out of office.
  18. To the board that never wants to hear what it owners think -- you need to be replaced.
  19. To any vendor who rushes you into signing a contract -- say goodbye.
  20. Before signing a contract -- think about sending it to an attorney.
  21. Before signing a contract -- read it, understand it and then get an opinion.
  22. Before hiring a contractor -- get a few references and then call them.
  23. To the owner who thinks he/she can do what they want -- move back up north (or south)
  24. To the owner who likes the TV or music loud -- shut your window.
  25. If you came to Florida to retire, try acting like it.
  26. Ask yourself -- would you tolerate the abuse you are giving to someone else?
  27. If your lawyer, manager or vendor does a good job, try saying "thank you."
  28. If you are 'thin skinned', you should not be a board member.
  29. If you do not care about your fellow neighbor/owner, can you pretend to?
  30. To those owners from another country: the US has it own laws.